did ben savage get a nose job

did ben savage get a nose job

Did Ben Savage Get a Nose Job?

Ben Savage, an American actor known for his role in “Boy Meets World”, has become the topic of much speculation due to changes in his physical appearance. Fans have wondered if Ben has had plastic surgery, particularly a nose job.

Ben’s Denials

Ben has denied that he had a nose job. In interviews and on television, he has said that he had no plastic surgery, insisting that the changes in his nose were due to the normal effects of aging.

The Evidence

In recent photographs, Ben’s nose seems to be much thinner and more angular than it was in the past. He also doesn’t appear to have any of the irregularities, including a hooked nose hook or bulbous-looking tip, which were present in his earlier photographs.

What The Experts Say

Experts in plastic surgery say that the changes to Ben’s nose are consistent with a procedure known as rhinoplasty, or a “nose job”. In this procedure, the doctor reshapes the nose by removing or adding tissue to achieve a desired shape.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not Ben Savage got a nose job will likely remain one of life’s great mysteries. Although his appearance suggests that he might have had plastic surgery, Ben has remained firm in his denial of any such procedures.

We hope that this article has provided some insight into the speculation surrounding Ben Savage and his nose job.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ben Savage has denied having a nose job.
  • Recent photos suggest that he might have had a nose job.
  • Experts say that Ben’s nose changes are consistent with a procedure known as rhinoplasty.
  • Whether or not Ben had a nose job will likely remain a mystery.


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