did bette midler have a nose job

did bette midler have a nose job

Did Bette Midler Have A Nose Job?

Bette Midler, the award-winning American singer, is a favorite of many. Over her long career she has been inspiring others with her talent, but recently, many have noticed a change in her physical appearance. So did Bette Midler have a nose job?

Rumors Of A Nose Job

Speculation about Bette Midler’s nose job has been around for years. People have noted the differences in her nose shape between old and more recent pictures. The rumors have never been confirmed or denied by Midler herself, but this hasn’t stopped people from speculating.

So What Has Changed?

Simply put, Midler’s nose looks more symmetrical and defined in recent pictures than in older ones. Her nostrils appear to be slightly more evenly spaced than before, and her tip looks to be more angled. The change to her nose is more subtle than many other Hollywood stars who’ve gone under the knife, but it still stands out to those who are familiar with her old look.

Reasons For A Nose Job

There could be many reasons why Midler choose to get a nose job. As we age, our nose shape can change due to factors like collagen and skin elasticity loss, or what is known as ptosis. This can result in a lower nose bridge or wider nostrils, both of which Midler appears to have had corrected.

Does It Matter?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if Bette Midler had a nose job or not. she is an amazing talent and an inspiring role model who will continue to inspire even if she did choose to enhance her physical looks.

Bottom Line: Although rumors of Bette Midler getting a nose job continue to swirl, they have never been confirmed. Regardless, Midler is an amazing talent, with or without a nose job.


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