did billie eilish have a boob job

did billie eilish have a boob job

Did Billie Eilish Have a Boob Job

Billie Eilish has become one of the hottest new stars in the music industry over the last few years, and her ongoing rise to fame has made her increasingly talk of the town. So naturally, many people have become curious about her personal life, leading to speculation that she may have had a boob job.

The Rumors

Rumors of Eilish having undergone a boob job first appeared in August 2019 when images circulated on social media of the singer in a black crop top and leggings. Many fans speculated about her having gone under the knife, citing a noticeable difference in her chest size compared to her pre-fame photos.

The Response

Eilish responded to the rumors during an interview with The Guardian, stating that she’s an “all-natural girl”. She admitted that while she’s not opposed to plastic surgery down the line, she had not surgically enhanced her body in any way.

What the Experts Say?

The speculations around Eilish possibly getting a breast augmentation were further addressed by plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer, who posted an open letter addressing the rumors. In it, he said that she may have seen a growth in her breasts naturally due to her age. He added that it’s likely she had not gone through a medical procedure to enhance them, as there is no evidence of any surgical scarring.


It seems clear that Billie Eilish has not had a boob job, and that any apparent changes in her chest size are due to natural growth and maturity. While she may make different decisions about her body in the future, it appears that she is currently content being an all-natural girl.


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