did billie eilish have a boob job

did billie eilish have a boob job

Did Billie Eilish Have A Boob Job?

It’s no secret that Billie Eilish has been the talk of the town ever since she hit the music industry. From her energetic music to her unique fashion sense, the star has made quite a name for herself. One of the most recent hot topics has been whether the singer has had any plastic surgery. At the center of the debate is the possibility of the star having a boob job.

The Rumors

Online, rumors have been swirling around her alleged boob job. Fans have noticed, and many are speculating that she’s had it done. But Billie Eilish has denied these rumors multiple times and insists that her breasts have not been surgically enhanced. Her fans have also come to her defense and attribute the changes in her appearance to puberty alone and nothing else.

The Evidence

This brings us to the evidence in hand. Before the music career, back in 2015 when Billie was just 14 years old, there are no signs of her having breast implants. When she released her first song in 2016, she was 15 and we can see in the video that her chest area is flat.

Fast forward to 2019, Billie was already 18. Here we can see that her chest area has grown significantly, leading to the rumors of her having a boob job. But the singer has dismissed these claims and insists that it is the result of normal development.

The Final Word?

At the end of the day, the truth is that we don’t know for sure if Billie Eilish has undergone breast augmentation or not. But based on her own words and the available evidence, it’s likely that she has not had a boob job and that the changes in her chest area are simply the result of her puberty.


Although some may speculate that the star has had a boob job, it is likely that her chest area has simply developed naturally over time. Here are the facts that back up this claim:

  • Billie has denied the rumors of a boob job.
  • Before she became famous, there were no signs of breast implants.
  • The changes in her chest area are likely due to normal developments during puberty.

In short, it appears that the rumors of Billie Eilish having a boob job are likely false.


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