did blake lively get a nose job

did blake lively get a nose job

Did Blake Lively Get A Nose Job?

Blake Lively has always been a source of fascination and speculation, particularly when it comes to her beauty. People have long wondered if she had work done to her nose, and recently that concern has climaxed.

Before & After Pictures

When comparing Blake Lively before and after photos, it is easy to see that her nose has changed shape. Her nose appears to have been made thinner and the tip of her nose appears to have been made slightly smaller.

Official Statements

Although the rumors of a potential nose job have been gaining traction for years, Blake Lively has not, as yet, confirmed whether or not she had rhinoplasty surgery done. Generally, celebrities remain tight-lipped on the topic of plastic surgery, as admitting to going under the knife could damage their career prospects.

The Pros and Cons of a Nose Job for Blake Lively

While some may feel that a nose job was right for her, there are also a few potential downsides.


  • It could benefit her career: A nose job can help to refine a face and make an actor look more attractive and desirable.
  • It could give her self-confidence: If she was uncomfortable with her nose before, a nose job could give her a boost of self-confidence.


  • It might draw unwanted attention: A nose job could draw unwanted attention to her, as it is not the most natural-looking of surgeries.
  • It could go wrong: As with any surgery, complications could arise, which could potentially be disfiguring.

In Summary

A nose job could have been a way for Blake Lively to boost her confidence, but the cons far out weigh the pros. While there are plenty of celebrities who embrace plastic surgery, not all of them were a success. There is no denying that Blake Lively is a beautiful woman, with or without plastic surgery.


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