did brandi passante get a boob job

did brandi passante get a boob job

Did Brandi Passante Get a Boob Job?

Brandi Passante is a famous American reality star and businesswoman. The 39-year-old originally rose to fame appearing on the A&E show Storage Wars and has been part of the series since its debut back in 2010.

But more recently, rumors have been circulating that the investment specialist may have gotten a boob job. So, let’s take a look at the rumors and see if there’s any truth to the speculation.

Before and After Photos

The rumors that Passante has had breast augmentation surgery began when a set of photos of the American star surfaced online. The before and after pictures showed that between 2017 and 2019, her breasts had noticeably grown larger.

Expert Opinion

To get an expert opinion on the matter, Radar Online contacted plastic surgery specialist Dr. Anthony Youn for his take on the images.

The doctor commented that the before and after pictures did suggest that the American television star may have gone through some form of surgical procedure, noting that she had “larger and fuller” breasts in 2019 than before.

Overall, the photos do seem to point to the fact that Passante did, in fact, get breast augmentation surgery.

Brandi Passante’s Response

While there is evidence to suggest that Passante did get some sort of surgical procedure on her breasts, the reality star has yet to address the rumors herself.

It is not uncommon for celebrities to not directly address speculations such as this, so it’s unlikely she will ever make a statement in regard to the topic.


  • Yes, the evidence does suggest that Brandi Passante has had some form of breast augmentation surgery.
  • No, Brandi Passante has not made a direct statement regarding the rumors.

In conclusion, whether or not Brandi Passante got a boob job is still a mystery, but it does seem to be the likely outcome.


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