did brandy from storage wars get a boob job

did brandy from storage wars get a boob job

Did Brandy From Storage Wars Get A Boob Job?

Storage Wars is an American reality television series that features professional buyers who purchase the contents of abandoned storage units at an auction. One of the long-running buyers on the show since Season 2 has been Brandy to the delight of fans.

The question of whether Brandy from Storage Wars underwent breast augmentation has been brewing among fans for some time.

The Evidence

There is evidence to suggest that Brandy had underwent either a breast enhancement procedure or suffered from natural voluptuous enlargement. Here is a list of some of the evidence:

  • Before and After Photos – Before and after photos do show a noticeable difference in her breast size, though it is hard to tell the difference between a breast enhancement procedure and natural growth with age.
  • Drastic Change – Suddenly, Brandy’s bust size tweaked dramatically with some believing it to be an unnatural result.
  • No Official Disclosure – Brandy has never mentioned anything about her breast enhancement procedure or whether she has or hasn’t done it.


The truth is that we just don’t know for sure whether or not Brandy from Storage Wars had a boob job. We can scour the evidence, but unless a trusted source or Brandy herself provides an answer, all we have are merely guesses.

Only time will tell if the mystery behind Brandy and her changing bust size will be solved. Until then, we can merely speculate on the truth.


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