did brie larson get a boob job

did brie larson get a boob job

Did Brie Larson Get A Boob Job?

Speculation has been swirling around the internet asking if Brie Larson did indeed get a boob job. There have been questions on whether she enhanced her anatomy artificially before hitting it big in Hollywood.

Brie Larson Before Stardom

During her childhood, Larson was already a rising star. She started acting at the age of 9 and was a budding success, landing roles in movies such The Wrestling Promoter, Special Delivery and Right On Track. In all of these movies, it is argued that she did not have large breasts.

Brie Larson Post Stardom

By 2013, Larson’s career had exploded and her role in the movie Room soon followed. Although her acting talent was noticed, her new physique was also an immediate topic of discussion. Her ample cup size was quite the noticeable change from her earlier performances.

Speculation That Brie Larson Got A Boob Job

This physical transformation has sparked a great deal of speculation regarding Larson’s chest. Many believe that the actress may have gotten a boob job to enhance her curves. While Larson has yet to comment on the allegations, here are some signs that suggest she may have undergone cosmetic surgery procedures:

  • A more defined and visible cleavage
  • Sudden changes in cup size
  • An unnatural shape in the bust area
  • Difference between the two sides


It appears from the evidence presented that Larson may have in fact got a boob job. However, until we get a definite answer from the star herself, the suspicion will remain.


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