did chanel west coast get a boob job

did chanel west coast get a boob job

Did Chanel West Coast Get a Boob Job?

Chanel West Coast has been in the music and television industry for many years. The rapper and actor is well known for her songs, reality TV appearances, and unique fashion sense. Recently, people have been wondering if Chanel has had cosmetic surgery, more specifically, a boob job.

Rumors Of Cosmetic Surgery

There have been rumors circulating on social media that Chanel has had some type of cosmetic surgery, and that a boob job is the most likely answer. While the star has never come forward and discussed this allegation publicly, her transformation over the last few years has stirred up questions. Speculation has grown due to the fact that her chest size appears to have gone up with time.

Chanel’s Response

When asked, Chanel has denied any involvement with such procedures. She has, however, mentioned in interviews that she does get regular Botox and other light procedures. However, the rapper has definitely had a more pronounced transformation since her first appearances in the public eye.

Analysis Of Transformation

  • Shape: Chanel’s breasts appear to have gained a more defined shape with time.
  • Size: Her chest size seems to have increased over the years.
  • Position: Chanel’s breasts appear to be placed higher on her chest.

Chanel’s physical changes are more than likely caused by the natural effects of aging combined with possible weight gain or even strategies such as wearing push-up bras and corsets. It is likely that the combination of these natural effects is causing the change in Breast size, shape and position.

At the end of the day, whether or not Chanel has had any procedures done is unknown. However, one thing is for sure: Chanel West Coast has an amazing sense of style and has always been comfortable in her own skin.


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