did chanel west coast get a boob job

did chanel west coast get a boob job

Did Chanel West Coast Get a Boob Job?

Chanel West Coast is an American singer, rapper, actress, model and television personality who is best known for her roles in shows like ‘Ridiculousness’ and ‘Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory’. Fans have often speculated whether she has gone through plastic surgery and got a boob job.

Her Pre-plastic Surgery Appearance

Before Chanel’s alleged breast implants, she had a petite body frame; her breasts were separated by her ribcage. She was a natural beauty who decided to stay away from plastic surgery. It seemed like a wise choice as it was working out well for her career at that time.

Signs That She’s Had Work Done on Her Breasts

There are certain physical changes which indicate that Chanel has gone under the knife for a boob job:

  • The breasts appear fuller: Her breasts have a fuller appearance. The cleavage may be due to the bra she is wearing, but her breasts seem to be larger than before.
  • Higher placement: Her chest has been lifted, suggesting she has undergone some kind of procedure to lift them.
  • Unnatural shape: The shape of her breasts appear unnatural, making it seem like she has had implants inserted.


It is hard to confirm whether Chanel West Coast has had a boob job or not. But there are certain physical changes that suggest that the singer-rapper has gone through plastic surgery. Only Chanel can answer whether she has had any type of procedure done on her breasts.


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