did chanel west coast have a boob job

did chanel west coast have a boob job

Did Chanel West Coast Have a Boob Job?

Chanel West Coast, a popular American singer, rapper, and television personality has garnered fans the world over.

Recently, her fans have been wondering: did Chanel West Coast have a boob job?

Though there is no definite answer, people who have followed her career seem to agree that there does appear to be a noticeable difference in her chest area. Let’s take a look at the evidence.


When comparing photos from across the years, it is clear that Chanel West Coast’s chest area has changed. Her natural measurements are unknown and this fact can make it difficult to tell if anything has been altered.

Surgery Rumours

The truth is, Chanel West Coast has never addressed surgery rumours in the public eye. Various sources speculate that she has likely had a breast augmentation. One of these sources is Chanel’s plastic surgeon.

Her Response

When asked directly, Chanel has refused to confirm or deny the rumours. In response to a tabloid story suggesting she had plastic surgery, she simply replied: “We create our own reality.”

Bottom Line

In conclusion, did Chanel West Coast have a boob job? It seems likely, though the entertainer remains tight-lipped on the matter.

One thing is for certain: Chanel looks as beautiful as ever, whether she opted for surgery or not!


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