did ciara have a nose job

did ciara have a nose job

Did Ciara Get a Nose Job?

Ever since her career as a singer and songwriter began, Ciara has always been under the microscope. Throughout the years, some of Ciara’s features have transformed, which has understandably led to speculation as to whether or not she has had any plastic surgery. One of the areas in her face that has changed the most has been her nose, leading to the question: did Ciara get a nose job?

Ciara’s Nose History

A quick review of her history of photos reveals a couple features that hint towards the possibility that she had a rhinoplasty. Before she hit the music scene, Ciara had a much rounder and wider nose, as can be seen from photos from her high school days.

As her fame began to grow, however, her nose appeared to shrink and become more refined – but this could simply be attributed to her growing up and growing out her nose.

Pros and Cons for a Nose Job for Ciara

Although there is no clear-cut evidence that Ciara has had alterations to her nose done through plastic surgery, it can be argued that there are both pros and cons if she did indeed get a rhinoplasty.


  • Finding balance:Ciara has a small jaw, so having a larger nose could potentially unbalance her profile.
  • Boost of Self-confidence:If Ciara did not feel satisfied with her nose shape, the decision to get the rhinoplasty could improve the way she feels about herself.


  • Lasting Effects:Rhinoplasties of course require surgery, and depending on the procedure, there could be permanent consequences.
  • Lacking Natural Roundedness:Although Ciara didn’t have a traditionally round or cute nose, her original nasal shape could have been enhanced with makeup.

Conclusion: Is Ciara’s Nose Real?

Due to the lack of concrete evidence, it is impossible to know for certain whether or not Ciara has had any alteration done to her nose. Some could argue that her nose has transformed, but until Ciara herself speaks out on the matter, we will just have to wait and wonder.


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