did courteney cox get a boob job

did courteney cox get a boob job

Did Courteney Cox Get a Boob Job?

Courteney Cox is one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood, and her body has been under scrutiny for years. Fans have speculated whether she ever got a boob job, and the answer might surprise you.

The Rumors Coming From Her Friends

Friends star Jennifer Aniston recently commented on the subject: “We know who to look to if we ever want a boob job, right?” she said, indicating that Courteney had some medical procedure done involving her chest area.

Some sources report that her former co-star Matt LeBlanc also confirmed this. After a snide comment about their changing bodies, he added:

“Especially you, Courteney… I heard about the boob job!”

Courteney’s Response

Unsurprisingly, Courteney has never publicly come out and admitted to getting a boob job. If it really happened, she would most likely want to keep it private.

Despite this, she’s still remained open about her chest area and her famous breasts. She and her model daughter, Coco, have stated that their bras fit them in the same size, which speaks volumes.

No Official Confirmation

So, did Courteney Cox get a boob job? There are plenty of rumors and gossip that lead to the conclusion that she did, but there is no concrete evidence. She has likely chosen to remain mum to keep the truth out of the public eye.

To sum up:

  • Jennifer Aniston has hinted that Courteney has had a procedure done
  • Matt Le Blanc has confirmed the rumor
  • Courteney Cox has remained highy secretive about her decision
  • No official confirmation has been made

It is up to the reader to decide if there is any truth to this rumour.


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