did courtney cox get a boob job

did courtney cox get a boob job

Did Courtney Cox Get a Boob Job?

Courtney Cox is an actress and television star who has been featured in numerous movies and series over the last two decades. Rumors of a boob job have been swirling around regarding her appearance, but has she actually gone through with plastic surgery to enhance her bust size?

What the Rumors Say

When Cox first became famous, her chest size was relatively small. However, when she appeared in 2004’s “Scream 3,” fans began to speculate that she had been subjected to a boob job. Since then, her bust size has appeared to remain relatively unchanged.

What Courtney Cox Says

When asked directly about the rumors, Cox stated: “That is so absurd. It shows that people think women should look a certain way. But I am happy with who I am. I’m not going there.”

This suggests that Cox is not open to getting a breast augmentation or any other kind of plastic surgery to alter her physical appearance.

So What is the Verdict?

It is hard to tell for sure whether or not Cox has had a breast augmentation, as we can only rely on her own words and visual observations. However, we do not believe that she has gone through with any kind of plastic surgery to alter her bust size.

The rumors may continue to swirl, but in the end it looks as though Cox is happy with her body the way it is and refuses to bow to public pressure to change her appearance.

Why She May Have Held Off

There are a few reasons why Cox may choose to not alter her appearance:

  • Accountability: She may be wary of being held accountable if something were to go wrong during the procedure.
  • Health: Cox may not want to risk her own health in order to to try and conform to popular standards of beauty.
  • Confidence: It is also possible that Cox is inherently very confident in her own body and does not feel there is anything that needs to be changed.

At the end of the day, only Cox really knows if she has ever gotten a boob job and it looks as though she is not interested in sharing that information with anyone else.


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