did davina get a boob job

did davina get a boob job

Did Davina Get a Boob Job?

Davina McCall is one of those celebrities who is often asked questions about the possibility of plastic surgery and she usually denies any rumors of having had any work done. So did Davina get a boob job? Let’s explore the possibility.

Surgery Speculation

Rumors of Davina having had a boob job began to circulate after she was spotted in public wearing a revealing dress, with many noticing an apparent increase in size of her bust. The rumors were further fueled by her refusal to publicly comment on the topic.

Analysis of Her Features

To get a better understanding of the rumors, observers have closely examined photos of Davina from before and after the speculated boob job. Factors that suggest the possibility of a job include:

  • Size: The size of Davina’s bust appears to be fuller than it was prior to the rumors
  • Shape: Her bust appears more rounded and lifted than before
  • Symmetry: Her bust appears to be more symmetrical than before


It is impossible to know for sure whether Davina has had a boob job or not. The circumstantial evidence suggests that the rumors may be true, but only Davina knows for sure.


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