did jahnvi kapoor get a boob job

did jahnvi kapoor get a boob job

Did Janhvi Kapoor Get a Boob Job?

Recently, there has been a lot of speculation and curiosity surrounding the rumour that Janhvi Kapoor has gone under the knife to get a boob job. The 22-year-old star of ‘Dhadak’ has been a sensation ever since her debut, and fans have had their eyes glued to her every move.

What does Janhvi Kapoor have to say about Boob Job Rumours?

In an interview with a media outlet, Janhvi Kapoor bust the myths and spoke on the topic. She said, “I feel blessed to have such great curves and I am very proud of my body. For me, being healthy and fit is a priority. I believe in natural beauty and it is important to age gracefully. I think speculations about me going in for a boob job are baseless and untrue.”

Janhvi’s Workouts and Self Confidence

Janhvi has been extremely conscious about her fitness and has been following a strict workout routine. She is often seen hitting the gym and hitting the pool, which is why many feel that her body has been shaped to perfection. In an interview with Augur, she also said, “I’m really glad I have found an activity that I look forward to doing every day. We have treadmill, some weights, we might have a yoga session or a Pilates session and a lot of other activities depending on which gym I go to.”

This shows that she is extremely confident of her body and wants to maintain her curves the natural way.


All in all, it can be concluded that Janhvi Kapoor has not gone in for a boob job and her curves are natural and maintain with her consistent workout routine. There is no truth to the rumours that she has gone under the knife and has done some plastic surgery to improve her assets.


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