did jamie lee curtis have a boob job

did jamie lee curtis have a boob job

Does Jamie Lee Curtis Have a Boob Job?

Jamie Lee Curtis has been in Hollywood since making her iconic debut in the horror flick “Halloween” n 1978. She has since established an impressive résumé of work, but one conundrum that much of her fanbase is often wondering is if the actress has had any surgical enhancements.

The big question being asked is whether Jamie Lee Curtis has had a boob job?

Rumors And Speculation

While Curtis has kept mum on the subject and never really addressed the rumors, many experts are speculating that the actress has had some cosmetic work done. Possible signs of such procedures could include a change in the shape, size and firmness of her breasts. Someone close to Curtis, claimed that she had a breast augmentation in the past.

We can’t confirm the truth, however, we can give you a few clues as to what caused these speculations.

Factors To Consider

  • Age: It is noteworthy that age does play an essential role. Many experts agree that as women age, their breasts start to sag. In Curtis’ case, her breasts appear to have maintained their firmness throughout the years.
  • Lifestyle: This includes diet and exercise. Curtis upholds a rigorous exercise routine, which likely contributed to her figure’s condition.
  • Surgery: While it is highly likely that Curtis may have had a breast augmentation in the past, there are no documented medical records that can confirm this.


Thus, whether or not Jamie Lee Curtis had a boob job is yet to be officially confirmed. Based on the evidence, it is possible that she may have had one, but nothing can be said for sure. The truth is that Curtis has managed to preserve her stunning figure through the years and look fantastic even at her current age.


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