did jennifer aniston got nose job


Did Jennifer Aniston Get a Nose Job?

Jennifer Aniston, famous American actress and producer, has been the gossip queen of Hollywood for decades. Speculation about her personal life has been a constant. The most persistent rumor is that Jennifer Aniston has undergone a rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job.

The Debate

There has been debate and comparison of photos about the possibility that Jennifer Aniston has had a rhinoplasty. The photos which fuel the debate show the changing shapes of her nose from the early 90s to now.

What Does Jennifer Aninston Say?

Jennifer Aniston has stayed relatively quiet on the subject and has not responded to the rumour publicly. She has, however, indirectly commented on the rumour by stating on Ellen DeGeneres show, “I think if people want to speculate, let ‘em speculate. Oh, it is so, so boring.”

Medial Opinion

Medical professionals such as Dr Payman Danielpour, a nationally recognized Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon, and Dr Jean-Paul Azzi, a plastic surgeon in Toronto, agree that Jennifer Aniston may have had a rhinoplasty.

The most significant changes which made the medical professionals reach this conclusion are:

    • Lowered, narrower nasal bridge


    • Reduced nostril size


    • Nose appears more defined and refined


    • Smaller, upturned nose tip


It seems that the constant speculation over whether or not Jennifer Aniston has had a nose job may never come to an end. Only she truly knows the answer and the secret remains a mystery.


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