did jennifer aniston have a nose job

did jennifer aniston have a nose job

Did Jennifer Aniston Have A Nose Job?

The speculation of Jennifer Aniston having a nose job has been all over the media for years. Indeed, the famous actress has never publicly admitted to having any plastic surgery, but many experts consider it likely that she has had some work done, particularly to her nose.

Aniston’s Changing Nose

The media has long speculated that Jennifer Aniston has had changes to her nose, claiming that her nose has grown narrower and her nostrils look to be less wide. In comparison to old images of Aniston, there is evidence to suggest she may have had some minor rhinoplasty.

Aniston’s Contradictory Statements

When discussing her thoughts on plastic surgery, Aniston has made several contradictory statements. While she has publicly admitted to being open to the idea of plastic surgery, she has also denied having any work done. This discrepancy has left fans and media alike questioning whether Aniston has actually had a nose job or not.

The Evidence

So what is the evidence that Aniston underwent plastic surgery? While there is no definitive answer, there is growing evidence to suggest that she has indeed had a nose job. Fans have noted that the bridge of Aniston’s nose looks to be more narrow and her nostrils appear to be less wide, which can both be accomplished with rhinoplasty.


Whether or not Jennifer Aniston underwent a nose job is still up for debate. While there is evidence to suggest she has had a nose job, she has never officially admitted to having plastic surgery.

Ultimately, the truth may never be known, but many people believe she has indeed had some kind of rhinoplasty.


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