did jobs wife die

did jobs wife die

Did Job’s Wife Die?

The book of Job in the Bible tells a story of a righteous man, Job, and his struggles against adversity. One of the greatest tragedies in his life was the death of his wife.

Background of the Story

The book of Job is set in the land of Uz. Job was a wealthy and noble man, deeply religious and highly-regarded by those around him. He was very blessed, with a large family and many possessions. Job is then struck by an unfathomable series of calamities and tragedies, including the death of all of his children, his health and his possessions.

Did Job’s Wife Die?

At the end of his story, it is unclear whether Job’s wife did, in fact, suffer a similar fate. She is not mentioned explicitly as having passed away. Throughout this trials, however, Job does refer to his wife with language often associated with death. He states:

  • “My breath is repulsive to my wife”
  • “My soul is bereft of peace”
  • “My wife has become fodder for the beasts”

It is possible that these statements allude to his wife’s death. It appears that Job himself is not certain of her fate. From this, we can deduce that Job’s wife is either dead or missing from his life. He acknowledges that she is not present, and expresses his great sorrow over her absence.

At the end of the book, Job is ultimately restored and reunited with his family. This includes his wife and his original possessions. This strongly implies that Job’s wife was alive during this time.


Ultimately, the book of Job does not provide a conclusive answer to the question of whether or not Job’s wife had died. All we can confidently say is that she is either dead or missing from his life, and that Job expresses his sorrow over her absence at several points in the story.


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