did jodie sweetin get a boob job


Did Jodie Sweetin Get a Boob Job?

Jodie Sweetin is best known for playing Stephanie Tanner in the popular TV sitcom, “Full House.” But recently, fans have started to ask the inevitable question: did Jodie Sweetin get a boob job?

Jodie Sweetin’s Physical Changes

It’s hard to ignore the physical changes Sweetin has made over the years. From her flat chested teenage years when she stared in “Full House,” to her now more voluptuous figure, it’s hard not to assume that she’s had a bit of plastic surgery.

Sweetin’s Social Media Photos

It is also not hard to find photos of Sweetin now on her social media accounts with a larger chest than what she had growing up on “Full House.” This has only added to rumors that she has had a boob job.

Sweetin’s Denials

Sweetin has however denied these rumors, claiming that her naturally curvy figure has just come with age. She has also made social media posts in which she refutes the rumors and emphasized that she has not had any plastic surgery.


In conclusion, although it is impossible to prove whether or not Jodie Sweetin has gotten a Boob job, we do know for sure that her appearance has changed significantly since her time on “Full House.” Whether or not she has had plastic surgery to achieve this new look is something that only she can answer.


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