did joey king get a boob job

did joey king get a boob job

Has Joey King Undergone Plastic Surgery to Enhance Her Bust?

Recent Rumors That Joey King Has Got A Boob Job

It has recently been rumored that 17-year old actress Joey King has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her bust size. Since entering the spotlight as a child star, King has been known for her petite frame and small bust size. Speculation of a boob job emerged following King’s recent appearance on The Late Late Show, when she wore a strapless dress that showed off her shapely upper body.

Joey King Has Not Spoken Out About The Rumors

Joey King has not officially commented on the rumors that she has undergone breast augmentation, although it is important to note that until she has publicly commented, it is impossible to say whether the rumors have any basis in truth. It could be that King simply has a more curvaceous figure due to age and physical changes.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

In recent years, there has definitely been an increase in the frequency with which celebrities undergo plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures. For example, Kylie Jenner has recently confessed to having lip fillers in order to enhance her pout – something she had previously been denying. Similarly, Ariel Winter is widely thought to have had breast augmentation surgery which has led to increased roundness in her bust.

Joey King’s Acclaimed Acting Career

Regardless of the truth behind the rumors, it is clear that Joey King is an incredibly talented actress. She has been nominated for multiple awards for her role in the Netflix original series, The Kissing Booth, and has attracted attention for her roles in films such as The Conjuring and The Dark Knight.

Final Thoughts

Although we may never know the truth behind the rumors of Joey King’s plastic surgery, it is clear that she is an extremely talented and successful young actor who doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Whatever the truth may be, it is not always necessary to judge or criticize the decisions of an individual to modify their body when the right steps have been taken.


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