did john krasinski get a nose job

did john krasinski get a nose job

John Krasinski Nose Job: Did He or Didn’t He?

John Krasinski, the beloved star of The Office, has become one of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs thanks to his charismatic performance as Jim Halpert. Over the years, many fans have wondered if there was any truth to allegations that he has gotten plastic surgery to change the appearance of his nose. Let’s take a closer look at if John Krasinski got a nose job or not.

What Did His Nose Look Like Before?

When John Krasinski first appeared on The Office, his nose looked quite large and hook-like. He had a more defined nose bridge, making his nose appear to slope downwards from the bridge.

Did His Nose Change After The Office?

John Krasinski has become a bonafide film star since The Office, appearing in a variety of blockbusters such as 13 Hours and A Quiet Place. When looking at photos of him both before and after his time on The Office, it is impossible to deny the fact that his nose has changed. This could be the result of natural aging, or it could be a possible indicator of a rhinoplasty procedure.

What Do People Think?

There is no concrete evidence that John Krasinski has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure, but there is no denying that people have speculated this possibility. Fans have taken to the Internet to express their opinions on the matter, with many people believing that he has had a nose job while others remain unconvinced.

What Does John Krasinski Say?

John Krasinski has never publicly commented on this matter, so it remains unknown whether or not he has undergone any sort of facial surgery.


John Krasinski remains an enigma when it comes to the subject of a possible nose job. There is no denying that his nose has changed in appearance since his days on The Office, but it is impossible to tell whether it is the result of aging or plastic surgery without a statement from John himself. Until then, the mystery of John Krasinski’s nose job will remain unsolved.


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