did julia roberts have a nose job

did julia roberts have a nose job

Did Julia Roberts Have a Nose Job?

Julia Roberts is one of the most iconic female Hollywood superstars, renowned for her talent and beauty. Throughout her career, the 49-year-old actress has kept the media guessing about whether or not she has gone under the knife to maintain her look. As the rumours of Julia Roberts having undergone a nose job continue to persist, let’s take a look at the facts.

The Rumours

There has been speculation that Julia Roberts has had various plastic surgery procedures throughout her career. These include speculations that she had a nose job and had also done some work to her cheeks, jaw, and lips.

Julia Roberts’ Nose: Before and After


  • Her nose appeared to have a bulbous tip.
  • The bridge of her nose seemed more bulbous and less defined.


  • Now, her nose looks much more refined and sculpted.
  • The bridge of her nose has a more defined appearance.

The Verdict

It certainly appears as if Julia Roberts has had a nose job done.It is possible that she has also undergone other plastic surgery procedures, such as Botox, filler or cheek volumizer treatments. Although the actress has never officially confirmed the rumors, she seems to look fuller in her cheeks and her face overall appears more evenly balanced. Whilst her beauty still shines through all these years later, it does appear that the ageless beauty has had some help in maintaining her looks.


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