did jungkook get a nose job

did jungkook get a nose job

Did Jungkook get a nose job?

Jungkook, born on September 1, 1997, is a South Korean singer and dancer, most famous as a member of the famous South Korean boy band BTS. He is also a visual of BTS and often dubbed as the “Golden Maknae” or the youngest of the group. Since his debut, fans have noticed Jungkook’s constantly changing physical appearance and speculated whether Jungkook may have had some work done on his nose. The question begs: Did Jungkook get a nose job?

Before and After Photos

If you take a look at photos of Jungkook taken in 2016, before he debuted, and photos taken in 2021, you will be able to spot a difference in the shape of his nose. However, the changes are not dramatic and are subtle. The size and shape of Jungkook’s nose tip appear to be a little more upturned and there is a small hump that appears to have been removed from the bridge of his nose. To make a conclusion based solely on these alterations would be speculative.

Official Statements

To date, Jungkook has neither confirmed nor denied having had any kind of plastic surgery done on his nose. Big Hit Entertainment, his record label, have not commented on the matter either. Furthermore, no reliable sources have made any confirmation.

Reasons Jungkook could have had the surgery

There are a few possible reasons why Jungkook may have made the decision to go through with nose surgery. These may include:

  • Symmetry – Many South Koreans believe that having symmetrical features increase attractiveness.
  • Career – Plastic surgery is more common in South Korea and often seen as a way to increase one’s career opportunities.


The only definite answer is that we don’t know if Jungkook has had plastic surgery done on his nose. We can speculate whether the changes in his appearance are due to surgery or natural growth but until Jungkook or Big Hit Entertainment release an official statement, it’s impossible to verify.


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