did kate hudson have a boob job

did kate hudson have a boob job

Did Kate Hudson Have a Boob Job?

Kate Hudson is well-known for always being in the spotlight. Speculation has been widespread regarding whether or not the American actress and singer has had plastic surgery to enhance her looks. In particular, people have been asking: “Did Kate Hudson have a boob job?”

Signs That She Had a Boob Job

The following are high quality images of Kate Hudson captured before and after she is believed to have had plastic surgery that some have speculated to be a boob job:

  • Pre-Surgery: Hudson’s chest area appears to be a healthy A-cup size.
  • Post-Surgery: Hudson’s chest area looks like it has been upgraded to a full B-cup.

Additionally, a comparison between an old and recent picture of Hudson reveals that there is a drastic increase in her cleavage, a tell-tale sign of a breast augmentation. Her breasts now look fuller and more defined than ever before.

Does She Admit To Having A Boob Job?

Kate Hudson has never officially spoken out and admitted or denied to having a boob job. Many believe that she has had the procedure done due to the obvious change in her cup size, but some have argued that it is possible it was attained using other means such as gaining weight, using breast implants, or breast lifts.

It is highly likely that the star has had plastic surgery to alter her chest area, and regardless of how it was achieved the end result makes Kate Hudson look even better than before.


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