did kim kardashian get a boob job

did kim kardashian get a boob job

Did Kim Kardashian Get a Boob Job?

Kim Kardashian has been a pioneer in the celebrity world for more than a decade now. Her life is continuously scrutinized and examined and often, people start rumors about her plastic surgery.

Rumors About Her Boob Job

There have been numerous rumors regarding Kim Kardashian getting a boob job. In certain pictures, it looks like she has had some kind of surgery done on her chest, making the speculation even stronger. Here are some of the supposed proofs of Kim getting implants:

  • Before and After – If you compare photos taken before and after, it’s possible to see Kim’s chest size is bigger in the after photos.
  • Natural Ridge Disappeared – Kim had a ridge around her left nipple before, however, the ridge disappeared in her photos afterwards.
  • Too Perfect – Some people note that Kim’s chest is perfectly symmetrical, making them think the look is too perfect for it to be natural.

Denial of the Rumors

Despite the rumors and speculation, Kim Kardashian has yet to confirm she has gotten a boob job. She has however discussed other plastic surgery treatments she has gotten in her life. She has stated she gets regular Botox injections and laser treatments to help with wrinkles and skin blemishes.

It remains to be seen whether Kim will come out and tell her fans if she really has gotten a boob job or not. Until then, the speculation will remain just that.


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