did kim kardashian get a boob job

did kim kardashian get a boob job

Did Kim Kardashian Get A Boob Job?

Kim Kardashian has been a fixture in tabloids and the entertainment industry for the past decade, her look and body garnering scrutiny from all sides. So when it comes to rumors about her having a little “help” with her curves, it’s no wonder. After all, did Kim Kardashian get a boob job?

Here’s What We Know:

  • Kim Kardashian has never publicly admitted to a boob job. She has, however, been incredibly vocal about her plastic surgery. Kim has openly admitted to having Botox on her face, fillers for her cheeks and lips, and even surgery for her chin. She has also said that she once considered a breast augmentation, but decided to only stick with her other surgeries.
  • Other celebrities have chimed in on the breast augmentation rumors. Courtney Kardashian, Kim’s younger sister, hinted at the possibility while being interviewed by People magazine, saying “I don’t think Kim every got a boob job.” And other prominent stars, such as Kim’s BFF Jonathan Cheban, have implied that Kim has not undergone breast augmentation.
  • Kim’s changing cup size has sparked the fan speculation. Fans have pointed out Kim’s changing chest size over the years, including everything from barely-there A-cups to her current full B-cups.

The Verdict?

Though it will likely never be fully confirmed whether Kim has gotten a breast augmentation or not, it’s clear that the star has always been vocal about her medical decisions. Regardless of what she has or has not done, Kim Kardashian’s body confidence and self-love are something to be admired.

Bottom Line?

At the end of the day, only Kim knows the truth about her body, and whether she has undergone a breast augmentation or not is entirely up to her to decide.


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