did laura carmichael get a nose job

did laura carmichael get a nose job

Did Laura Carmichael Get a Nose Job?

The British actress, Laura Carmichael, who is best known for her role as Lady Edith Crawley in the TV series “Downton Abbey” has had people asking whether or not she has had a nose job.

The Rumors

In recent years, there have been rumors that Carmichael may have had a nose job. Some say that it looks very different from the way it used to, while others maintain that it looks the same.

The most obvious change to Carmichael’s nose, when looking at photos from her earlier years, is that it appears to be much more polished, which could be a sign of a nose job.


There have been no official statements from the actress regarding whether or not she has had a nose job, but there are a few pieces of evidence that could point toward her having one.

  • Outfit Changes: In recent years, Carmichael has been seen wearing outfits that complement her nose shape.
  • Facial Proportions: Carmichael’s face seems to be more proportional now than it was before.
  • Social Media Posts: On her social media accounts, Carmichael often posts pictures in which her nose looks more refined.

While none of these pieces of evidence are definitive proof, they do suggest that Carmichael may have had some work done on her nose. However, without any official statement from the actress, it’s impossible to know for sure.


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