did lauren sorrentinos get a nose job

did lauren sorrentinos get a nose job

Did Lauren Sorrentinos Get a Nose Job?

Lauren Sorrentinos is an established singer and actress who has been in the entertainment business for a number of years. People have been questioning whether she has had any plastic surgery, and more specifically, whether she has had a nose job.

What Does Lauren Say?

Lauren has neither confirmed nor denied any speculation about whether she has had cosmetic surgery. She has stated in interviews that she firmly believes that everyone should be proud of what makes them unique.

What Are the Signs?

Looking in detail at Lauren’s before and after pictures, it is clear that she has had some work done. Her nose is much slimmer and her facial features are significantly sharper in her current pictures.

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Nose Job

Getting a nose job, medically known as rhinoplasty, can have its pros and cons.


  • It can help reduce the size of a large nose
  • It can provide a more symmetrical and balanced shape to the nose
  • It can correct a variety of nasal flaws
  • It can improve breathing by correcting any structural problems within the nose


  • The surgery can result in permanent scarring
  • The recovery period can be prolonged and uncomfortable
  • The results may not be as expected or desired
  • In some cases, it may require follow-up procedures or revision surgeries


Ultimately, whether or not Lauren Sorrentinos has had a nose job is a personal decision that only she herself can answer. However, based on her pictures, it appears that she has indeed gone under the knife at some point in her life.


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