did lindsay lohan have a boob job

did lindsay lohan have a boob job

Did Lindsay Lohan Have A Boob Job?

Since Lindsay Lohan rose to stardom in 2004 at just 18, her appearance has been the center of attention in the celebrity world. Rumors about whether she had decided to get breast augmentation surgery have been around for almost as long.

Evidence To Support Lindsay Lohan Getting A Boob Job

Stewart Cook, a photographer and old friend of the actress, said:

“The last time I saw her was two days after she got the boob job and it had all gone wrong. She was in a lot of pain and it was very painful to see her like that.”

Lindsay’s body also seems to be a good indication of possible surgery. She has larger breasts than she had when she first started, and the size of her chest is quite noticeable.

Evidence Against Lindsay Lohan Getting A Boob Job

Lindsay has denied the rumors many times, saying she has only ever undergone minor cosmetic procedures such as laser skin treatment and Botox injections, and not a full breast augmentation.

When asked about her chest size by Bello Magazine, she replied:

“I’m the same size that I was when I was 18. It’s just that some of my clothes fit a bit snugger. That’s all.”


It’s impossible to calculate with certainty whether Lindsay has or has not had a boob job. Fans and detractors will both continue to debate about the topic, as there is no concrete way to verify what happened. All that can be said for certain is that Lindsay’s body and appearance have changed significantly over the years, and her chest size has increased. Whether it is due to surgery or natural factors remains to be seen.


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