did madison beer get a boob job

did madison beer get a boob job

Did Madison Beer Get a Boob Job?

The speculation over singer/songwriter Madison Beer’s body has been rampant of late. In June 2020, Madison Beer sparked conversations when she posted a series of photos of her new look. Fans were quick to ask whether or not the singer had undergone a breast augmentation.

What is Madison Beer Saying?

When asked directly in an interview with JustJared Jr., Madison Beer confirmed she had a breast augmentation, saying, “I did get a boob job, I’m really happy with it.” Madison went on to explain further:

“I was always super flat and never felt super feminine with my clothes. I was really scared of going through with it…it hurt but it was totally worth it. I love the way I look now and I’m really excited.”

Why Madison Beer Underwent Breast Augmentation Surgery

During the interview, Madison Beer explained why she decided to get a breast augmentation. She said:

“I wanted to feel more confident and feminine when I’m in my clothes and swimwear. I’m so happy that I went through with it and I’m loving my new body! I’m finally feeling better and even my friends have noticed the difference in how I’m carrying myself.

What Causes People to Get Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a personal choice that many people make for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the common ones:

  • To Increase Breast Size – Breast augmentation can increase the volume and size of breasts, improving the body’s proportion and silhouette.
  • Restore Breast Volume – After pregnancy, nursing, or weight loss, breast augmentation can help to restore breast volume and size.
  • Improve Symmetry – Breasts that are asymmetrical in size or shape can be made to look more equally sized, shapely, and symmetrical.

For Madison Beer, undergoing a breast augmentation surgery has been a big help in boosting her confidence and feeling much more confident in the way she looks. Although she’s been met with criticism from some, her fans have been overwhelmingly supportive and happy for her.


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