did marilyn monroe have a boob job

did marilyn monroe have a boob job

Did Marilyn Monroe Have a Boob Job?

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic stars of the 1950s glamour. With her classic hourglass figure, perfect blonde hair and signature red lipstick, Monroe helped define the era and remains a style inspiration to this day. One of the most popular questions about Marilyn is whether or not her legendary curves were natural or if she had a boob job.

The Evidence

There has long been speculation about Marilyn Monroe’s body. Some say she was too perfect to be real, and that her curves must have been achieved through surgery. There is evidence to suggest she may have had some sort of breast augmentation surgery. Here are some of the indications that Marilyn may have had a boob job:

  • Size: Marilyn’s bust was an impressive 34D which is an unusually large size for someone of her stature.
  • Shape: Her shape was perfectly symmetrical and hourglass, almost too perfect to be natural.
  • Rumors: Rumors of a boob job have spread for decades, with some even claiming she had removed a rib to achieve her desired shape.
  • Comparing Images: Comparing her body in her early modeling years to photos from later in her career suggest a marked difference in shape, perhaps as a result of an augmentation.


As with many aspects of Marilyn Monroe’s life, the answer to this question depends on who you ask. To this day, it is uncertain whether Marilyn Monroe had a boob job or not. Regardless of the truth, Marilyn Monroe remains an iconic figure and her style continues to influence the fashion world and captivate generations of fans.


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