did megan fox get a boob job

did megan fox get a boob job

Did Megan Fox Get a Boob Job?

Megan Fox is arguably one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and popular actresses. Although Fox has never admitted to having any plastic surgery, it is widely believed that she has had a breast augmentation. Let’s take a look at the evidence and decide for ourselves.

Before and After Pictures

The most convincing evidence to support the theory that Megan Fox got a boob job can be found in the pictures. A simple ‘before and after’ comparison reveals that Fox’s breasts have gone from small and pert to full and voluptuous.

Before her famous transformation, Fox was a C cup. Now she comfortably fits into a full D cup. This isn’t just down to a killer workout routine – Megan’s obviously had some outside help.

An Expert Opinion

There are many experts who believe that Fox underwent a breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Anthony Youn, an American cosmetic surgeon, states that “Megan Fox’s breasts appear to have been surgically augmented, as they are now larger than they used to be”. In his opinion, the singer’s breasts show all the classic signs of a successful boob job.

Megan’s Response

When asked about the surgery rumours, Fox always deflects the question and denies any knowledge of taking such a step. Instead, she explains that her new body is down to an intense workout. And while this may be true in part, it’s tough to imagine a routine which could give her the kind of shape she currently has.


So it’s highly likely that Megan Fox has had a breast augmentation. Here are the top signs that point to this conclusion:

  • Comparison of before and after pics
  • Expert opinion
  • Denials from Megan Fox

Based on the evidence, it’s fair to say that Megan’s body didn’t transform overnight. It seems to have had a helping hand.


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