did megan fox get a boob job

did megan fox get a boob job

Did Megan Fox Get A Boob Job?

Megan Fox has been a major focus of public interest, especially in terms of her beauty and style. As such, a common focus of attention centers on whether or not Megan Fox’s size-enhancing assets are natural or were obtained by implants.

Rumors of Boob Job Surgery

This debate over whether or not Megan Fox has got a boob job has been going on for years. Pictures of Megan Fox taken during her teenage years compared to present-day glamor shots show a remarkable difference in her bust size, leading many to believe that she has undergone some type of cosmetic surgery.

Megan Fox’s Denial

Megan Fox has denied having any type of cosmetic surgery, including a boob job, throughout her career. During an interview with Jay Leno, Fox stated: “I hate admitting that because it is something I’m ashamed of. It’s not something that I would ever recommend to a young girl. Natural is always better.”

Making Sense of the Rumors

While it is impossible to know with certainty if Megan Fox did indeed get a boob job or not, there are a few reasons this theory could make sense.

  • Genetics: It is possible that genetic factors could explain the full-figured look Megan Fox has today. Her mother is reported to have been a curvaceous model in the 70s, and fox could have inherited this hourglass shape from her.
  • Exercise: While exercise won’t increase breast size, it can help to tone and shape the area, giving the illusion of larger breasts. Fox has been known to stick to healthy eating and exercising regimes and she does look more toned today than she did in her teen years.
  • Clothing: Fox is also a big fan of striking and impressive clothing choices, and often wears corsets, bodices, and supportive structure designs to emphasize her body’s shape.


It is difficult to know for sure if Megan Fox did get a boob job, as she has denied this. However, there are some factors that could have contributed to her larger bust size, such as genetics, exercise, and clothing choices. Despite this, it is ultimately up to each individual to decide if they believe Fox or not.


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