did meghan trainor get a nose job

did meghan trainor get a nose job

Did Meghan Trainor Get a Nose Job?

Meghan Trainor has become one of the biggest names in pop music in a short span of time. Her songs are contagious and captivating, and her style and looks are also just as impressive. Over the years, fans have been wondering if Trainor has ever gotten any cosmetic surgery. Of the main procedures that people have speculated about her getting, one of the most talked about is a nose job.

What The Rumor?

Many fans have noticed a subtle difference in Meghan Trainor’s nose shape. She seems to have a thinner, more refined shape than before, sparking speculations that she has had plastic surgery. This is especially true when comparing her before and after pictures and videos. All this has led to rampant rumors that Meghan Trainor has gotten a nose job.

What Does Meghan Trainor Say?

Meghan Trainor has responded to these rumors with a strong denial of any plastic surgery. She has said that she is all-natural, and all the changes in her physical appearance over the years have been due to her weight changes and her natural ageing process. She also has maintained that any glare or shine in her before and after pictures is just due to a change in the lighting.

What Do The Experts Say?

We asked some of the experts to weigh in on the issue, and they confirmed that Meghan Trainor has likely not gotten any plastic surgery. Many of the experts we consulted have said that the subtle changes in her nose are due to her natural weight changes, which can cause the nose to look slimmer. They have also said that any lighting changes could cause the nose to look much different in pictures.


Despite all the rumors, it seems that Meghan Trainor has not gotten a nose job. All the subtle changes in her nose shape are likely due to her natural weight changes and the lighting changes in photos and videos. So, fans can rejoice knowing that the natural beauty of Meghan Trainor shines through just as bright as ever.


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