did meghan trainor get a nose job

did meghan trainor get a nose job

Did Meghan Trainor Get A Nose Job

Meghan Trainor is an American singer and songwriter, who had a great success with her hit singles such as “All About That Bass”, “Me Too”, and “No”.Recently, fans have been questioning if she got a nose job.

Meghan Trainor Before and After

Looking at pictures of Meghan Trainor before and after, it appears that she did get a nose job. From the pictures, it’s clear that her nose used to be larger and wider. It appears that she had a slight bump on the bridge of her nose and the nostrils were slightly wider.

Things to Consider

When trying to determine if Meghan Trainor got a nose job, there are several things to consider. Firstly, people’s noses can change shape over time as they age. It’s not uncommon for noses to look different as we age. Secondly, it’s possible that makeup was used to create the illusion of a smaller nose. Finally, there is a possibility she did get a nose job.

Meghan Trainor’s Response

Meghan Trainor has not officially confirmed or denied whether or not she got a nose job. However, she has jokingly referred to having a “nose job” in her song “All About That Bass”, which some fans have taken as a confirmation that she did get one.


Whether or not Meghan Trainor got a nose job is still up for debate. What is certain is that her nose looks different now than it did before and that she has joked about it in her song. It’s ultimately up to the fans to decide what they believe.

Did Meghan Trainor get a nose job? We may never know for sure.


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