did nina dobrev get a boob job

did nina dobrev get a boob job

Did Nina Dobrev Get a Boob Job?

Nina Dobrev is a Canadian actress and star of hit TV show The Vampire Diaries. Her beauty and style has made her a favourite among fans and critics, but people often wonder if she has undergone a surgical procedure to enhance her look.

Rumours have swirled around for years about whether Nina had a boob job, a breast augmentation which involves increasing the size of the breasts with a breast prosthesis or implants.

The Fact Check

There is no clear evidence to prove that Nina Dobrev has had a boob job. In fact, she has denied the rumours, claiming that she has the same body she had when she started modelling.

Physical Evidence

Despite her statement, some people believe that her bra size has increased over the years. To get to the truth, they have compared photos of Nina from over the years, looking for differences in size or shape.

However, there is no clear evidence to suggest that her body shape has changed in any way. The only thing that could be concluded from the photos is that her breasts appear to be slightly fuller.


At the end of the day, the only person who knows the answer to the question, ‘did Nina Dobrev get a boob job?’ is Nina Dobrev herself. The pictures and statements provided do not firmly prove or disprove any particular theory.

Nevertheless, whether she did or didn’t get a boob job, one thing is certain – Nina Dobrev remains a beautiful and confident woman who is adored by fans all over the world.


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