did owen wilson have a nose job

did owen wilson have a nose job

Did Owen Wilson Have A Nose Job?

Owen Wilson is an actor with a unique nose shape, and the rumors have been that he’s had a nose job to maintain it. But, is there any validity to these claims? We take a look at what we know.

What The Rumors Are Saying

Rumors began to circulate that Owen’s nose may have been surgically altered when he began to appear in roles with his most iconic trait—that trademark nose. People began to surmise that he must have had something done to make his nose look so perfectly shaped, or perhaps some alterations were made during his many years in the limelight.

What the Truth Is

The truth is that there isn’t any concrete evidence that Owen Wilson has had a nose job. While there are some people who believe a nose job may have been involved, Owen has never publicly confirmed or denied having undergone a procedure. His unique nose shape has always been a defining feature of his, and it is entirely possible that it hasn’t been altered at all.

What Else We Know

Aside from the rumors, we do know a few other facts about Owen Wilson’s nose. For one, it was something he was teased about growing up. Fellow actor Vince Vaughn even commented on it in his acceptance speech at the 2011 Oscars, joking that he had never seen a nose like Owen’s. Additionally, when asked in interviews what his favorite facial feature was, Owen has always answered “my nose.”


In conclusion, there is no real evidence that proves Owen Wilson has ever had a nose job. He never confirms or denies it, and it’s entirely possible that his perfectly shaped nose is 100% natural. All we can do is speculate, and at the end of the day only Owen knows if he’s gone under the knife or not.


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