did rachel get a nose job bachelorette

did rachel get a nose job bachelorette

Did Rachel get a nose job for The Bachelorette?

As the current season of The Bachelorette progresses, fans can’t help but wonder if Rachel Lindsay, the 32-year-old star of the show, has gotten some plastic surgery. In particular, many have been questioning if she got a nose job.

Before and After the Show

It does appear that Rachel had a slight alteration done to her nose. If you compare pictures of Rachel from before and after her appearance on The Bachelorette, small differences are easily observed. Her nose does seem a bit straighter and thinner in the more recent pictures. Here is a breakdown of the changes:

  • Bridge: Rachel’s nose bridge seems to be more defined in her post-Bachelorette photos.
  • Ridge: The ridges that frame the sides of the nose appear to be thinner.
  • Tip: It appears that Rachel’s nose tip has been slightly lifted and reduced in size.

What Rachel Has to Say

Rachel has never made any official statements regarding her nose job. However, she has dropped a few hints when addressing plastic surgery in general. In particular, she mentions wanting to maintain her “breakout beauty”, which she wants to do without resorting to drastic plastic surgery.

The Verdict

Due to the subtle differences that can be observed in Rachel’s before and after photos, it is likely that she underwent a minor nose job to enhance her facial features. It is clear that she values her natural looks, choosing only to make small modifications, if any.


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