did sarah jessica parker get a boob job

did sarah jessica parker get a boob job

Did Sarah Jessica Parker Get a Boob Job?

Sarah Jessica Parker, the legendary actress and former Sex and the City star, has been the subject of many rumors about her body, with many speculating whether the actress recently got a boob job. Let’s take a look at some of the evidence surrounding Sarah Jessica Parker’s rumored boob job.


Modern-day tabloids have extensively covered Sarah Jessica Parker’s changing body, with many questioning whether the actress did indeed get a boob job. Some of the biggest observations surrounding her potential boob job include:

  • Larger breasts: Fans of the actress have long noticed that Sarah Jessica Parker’s chest has become noticeably larger in recent years.
  • Enhanced cleavage: Fans have also observed the actress to have enhanced her cleavage recently, with her clothes often showing off her new figure.
  • Silicone implants: Speculation has arisen that Sarah Jessica Parker has had silicone implants inserted beneath her chest area.

Expert Opinion

One of the most respected plastic surgeons in the industry, Dr. John Edney, believes that it’s highly likely that the actress has had a boob job. Dr. Edney has stated that the significant size difference between Sarah Jessica Parker’s breasts throughout her career could only be achieved through surgery, as diets and exercise would not have such drastic results.


Although no official statements have been made by Sarah Jessica Parker on the matter, all evidence appears to point towards her having had a boob job in order to enhance her cleavage and increase the size of her breasts.


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