did sarah palin get a boob job

did sarah palin get a boob job

Did Sarah Palin Get a Boob Job?

There have been widespread rumors about Sarah Palin getting a breast augmentation sometime in the middle of 2018. The rumors started circulating even before she announced her decision to run for Governor of Alaska. The question remained, did she get a boob job?

Rumors of a Boob Job

Although the majority of the rumors about Sarah Palin getting implants have been concentrated on various internet websites, some magazines have mentioned a possible boob job too. It is said that if the claims are true, she received implants in the late summer of 2018.

What Palin Has To Say

Surprisingly, Sarah Palin has never fully addressed the topic or rumor. It is possible that she is intentionally avoiding it or perhaps she genuinely doesn’t feel the need to.


Despite the lack of evidence or clear statements, people are still speculating about Sarah Palin getting a boob job. They are trying to find proof in the before and after pictures of the governor in hopes of confirming the rumor.


In conclusion, until Sarah Palin releases an official statement about the topic, the rumors about her getting a boob job remain just that – rumors. Although some speculate that the governor may have gotten implants, there is no real evidence or statements confirming the claims.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the rumors of Sarah Palin getting a boob job are still just that – rumors.


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