did serena from instant hotel get a nose job

did serena from instant hotel get a nose job

Did Serena From Instant Hotel Get A Nose Job?

Instant Hotel is an Australian television series created by Seven Productions that first aired on the Seven Network in 2017. One of the contestants on the show was Serena, who stays with her husband at the Instant Hotel they own. Many people have been questioning whether or not she got a nose job between the first and the second seasons of the show.

Before And After Pictures Of Serena

There are many before and after pictures of Serena online which have caused a stir and increased speculation about whether she did in fact get a nose job. In the before pictures, her nose appears somewhat more bulbous and wide than what it does in after pictures. In these after pictures, her nose looks thinner and more narrow than before.

Serena’s Response To The Nose Job Rumors

When asked about the rumors, Serena stated: “I did not get a nose job at all. The only thing I have had done is a non-surgical nose job, which is just a few injections to make the nose look sharper and more defined. I am very happy with the results”.

Reasons People Believe Serena Did Get A Nose Job

Despite what Serena has said, there are many people who still think she may have secretly gotten a nose job done. Here is why:

  • Subtle Changes: Although her nose looks only slightly different, the subtle changes are enough for people to think she may have gotten a nose job done.
  • Ease Of Access: In Australia, it’s easier to access getting plastic surgery than it is in many other countries. This makes it possible for people to receive surgery without having to go to a different country.
  • The Results: While it’s hard to prove she did not get a nose job, the end result has been pleasing for many.


Whether or not Serena did in fact get a nose job done is yet to be seen. It is possible, however, that her nose went through subtle changes due to the non-surgical nose job she received, which has given it a more defined and sharper look — something that many people have found to be pleasing.


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