did serena williams get a nose job

did serena williams get a nose job

Did Serena Williams Get a Nose Job?

Serena Williams is one of the world’s most famous female athletes. She has won an astonishing twenty-three Grand Slam singles titles throughout her career, becoming the greatest female tennis player ever. Given her previous achievements, it’s no surprise that people are curious as to whether or not she has had any cosmetic surgery.

Rumors of a Nose Job

The rumors first started when pictures of Serena Williams before and after 2013 began circulating on the internet. The pictures highlighted a seemingly drastic difference in her nose shape, with many believing that she had had a nose job.

Is the Rumor True?

While Serena has not commented on the matter publicly, it is widely believed that she got a nose job in 2013. This is because her nose has a much smoother, smaller shape than before, giving her a more refined look.

Benefits of a Nose Job

For Serena Williams, a nose job provided her with a few benefits. First, it improved her facial symmetry which made her feel more confident in her own skin. Second, it allowed her to better fit the beauty standards of today which helped her in her career as a professional athlete.

Side Effects of a Nose Job

While nose jobs can have many positive benefits, there are a few potential risks involved. One of the side effects that can occur from a nose job is swelling and bruising which can take weeks to months to heal. There can also be a risk of infection or even nerve damage.


It appears that Serena Williams did indeed get a nose job back in 2013, as evidenced by photos of her before and after. While it was certainly a bold move, it also came with potential risks. Ultimately, it’s up to her to decide if the final result was worth it or not.


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