did sissy spacek have a nose job

did sissy spacek have a nose job

Did Sissy Spacek Have a Nose Job?

Sissy Spacek is an iconic actress who gained recognition from her acclaimed performance in the classic 1976 movie, Carrie. Over her years in the public eye, some have asked the question if Sissy Spacek underwent plastic surgery to enhance her facial features. The main source of speculation is that she may have gotten a nose job.

What Did Sissy Spacek Look Like Before?

Before Sissy became a prominent acting figure, she had a noticeably larger and wider nose. Her nose was an important focal point of her face and gave her an organic, textured look.

Did She Have a Nose Job?

In popular speculation, it is thought that she did indeed get plastic surgery. There is no concrete evidence to prove this theory and Sissy Spacek has not stated that she did indeed undergo a nose job.

What Does She Look Like Now?

In recent years, the size and width of Sissy Spacek’s nose has decreased and she has what looks to be a smaller nose tip. Her nose still has a natural feel to it, though noticeably thinner than it was in the past.


Though there is no confirmed evidence of Sissy Spacek having a nose job, her features appear to have changed over the years. Whether she underwent plastic surgery or made natural changes to her physical appearance is still up for debate.

Fun Facts About Sissy Spacek

  • She won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1980 for her performance in Coal Miner’s Daughter
  • She was born in Quitman, Texas
  • She has starred in several classic films such as The Long Walk Home, In the Bedroom, and Crimes of the Heart
  • She is the mother of three children, two of them adopted


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