did skrillex get a nose job

did skrillex get a nose job

Did Skrillex Get a Nose Job?

Skrillex has been a fixture in EDM Music since 2010. His unique sound and style of production have earned him a loyal fanbase, but what hasn’t always been around is his signature look. In recent years, it has led people to question did Skrillex get a nose job?

Before and After Photos

The rumors about Skrillex’s altered appearance began when some before-and-after photos surfaced online. In the photos, his nose looks noticeably different, leading many to speculate that he had undergone cosmetic surgery.

Skrillex’s Response to the Rumours

When asked about the speculation, Skrillex responded with a tweet saying: “No, I did not get a nose job. I have a bit of cartilage in my nose that broke during a tour, which caused a bit of asymmetry. I haven’t had anything done for that.” He also joked on Twitter that if he ever did get a nose job, he would call it the “Skrillex-job”.

Skrillex’s Other Life Changes

Although the rumors about a nose job have been proven false, Skrillex has undergone some noticeable changes in his life. He’s been sober for several years and has recently released his new album Recess. He’s also started his own record label, OWSLA, and has collaborated with many other artists in the electronic music scene.


So, did Skrillex get a nose job? The answer is no. However, he has made some life changes that have helped him continue to create amazing music and stay true to his style. From his sobriety to his own record label, Skrillex has proven that he is still as relevant and talented as ever.


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