did skrillex’s job crossword


Did Skrillex’s Job Crossword Puzzle?

Skrillex, the iconic American DJ and EDM producer, made headlines recently when he revealed he had been testing his skills at creating a crossword puzzle. The revelation left many wondering: Did Skrillex actually create a job-themed crossword?

The Facts

It’s true that Skrillex was in the process of creating a job-themed crossword puzzle. He posted a screenshot of the work-in-progress on his Instagram page. The post generated a lot of interest and speculation about his skills as a crossword creator.

The Results

Unfortunately, Skrillex hasn’t released any more information about the progress of his crossword puzzle. We don’t know if he finished creating it or not. However, considering the amount of attention the post received, it’s safe to assume he was serious about making a crossword and may yet end up releasing it in the future.


Since we don’t know what the final result of Skrillex’s crossword would be, it’s hard to speculate on how difficult or challenging it would be. However, we can expect something creative and original from the EDM superstar. From his career, we know he has the ability to bring something fresh and exciting to whatever he does.

Is it Possible?

Creating a crossword puzzle is no easy feat. But with the right amount of creativity and dedication, anything is possible. If Skrillex was indeed up for the challenge, we can expect great things from his creation.


Did Skrillex’s job crossword puzzle turn out to be anything more than a mere concept? We may never know. But with his skills and creativity, we can always keep our fingers crossed for a surprise release in the future.


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