did steve jobs smoke weed

did steve jobs smoke weed

Did Steve Jobs Smoke Weed?

Since Steve Jobs’ death in 2011, rumors have circulated that the technology innovator smoked weed at certain times in his life. Though there is speculation to support that Jobs experimented with marijuana, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that he made it a habit.

Early Life

Jobs was born in California in 1955, a time when the anti-drug sentiment of the 1960s hadn’t taken hold. Cannabis was largely legal and widely used in his community, and it is believed that Jobs experimented with it in his youth like many other people of his age.

Unconfirmed Reports

As Jobs rose to prominence, stories about his past behavior began to surface. Many news sources have reported that Jobs tried marijuana, but without offering concrete evidence. People have suggested he used it in college and even offered it to the Apple staff at celebrations. Unfortunately, these accounts have never been confirmed.

Rumors in Death

Rumors circulated even stronger after Jobs died from pancreatic cancer in 2011. People began claiming that his marijuana use resulted in the disease, though there is no scientific data to back this up. It is clear that Jobs had a tremendous influence on the tech industry, and many of his friends and colleagues vouch for his hard work, focus and dedication.

The Last Word

We may never know if Steve Jobs truly experimented with marijuana in the past, but we do know that despite such rumors, he built a legacy of innovation. Despite what anyone has to say about him, there is no denying his profound impact on the transformation of technology.

Steve Jobs remains a seemingly timeless monument to creativity, and an inspiration to many.


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