did sydney sweeney get a boob job

did sydney sweeney get a boob job

Did Sydney Sweeney Get a Boob Job?

American actress Sydney Sweeney has been at the center of speculation that she may have gotten a boob job. Her fans have been questioning whether or not there any truth to these rumors. So what is the truth?

Sweeney is best known for her roles in “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Euphoria”. She has a huge fanbase who follow her every move, so it is not surprising that they noticed changes to her figure.

Rumors Swirl Of Breast Augmentation

Rumors of Sweeney getting a boob job first started to swirl when she attended the 2018 Emmys with a noticeably bigger bust size. These rumors were further fuelled by the actress’s Instagram posts that show her wearing a low-cut top and much fuller breasts.

The actress has never commented on these rumors so it is hard to say for sure whether or not she has had any work done. However, judging by her recent posts, her fans believe that she may have had a breast augmentation procedure.

Reactions From Fans

There have been mixed reactions from fans about the speculation. Some believe that Sweeney should not have to explain herself or defend her decision if she did get a boob job. Others think she should be more honest about her body and her decisions.

One thing is for sure, many fans are wondering if the rumors are true.


  • Rumors of Sydney Sweeney getting a boob job started to swirl after the 2018 Emmys.
  • The actress has never confirmed or denied the rumors.
  • Fans have reacted in both favourable and negative ways.

Overall, it is up to Sydney Sweeney to decide whether or not she wants to talk about any procedures she may have had done to her body. In the meantime, her fans will continue to speculate about her rumored breast augmentation.


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