did sza get a boob job

did sza get a boob job

Did SZA Get a Boob Job?

SZA, one of the hottest female singers in the world, has been gaining international recognition in the music industry for her chart topping songs and soulful voice. But recently, fans have been wondering about something else… did SZA get a boob job?

Before and After Pictures

As it is with all celebrities that get cosmetic work done, there is an internet news ripple and fervent speculation accompanying SZA’s more recent public appearances. Fans have noticed a big change in SZA’s curves, and some are convinced she has gone under the knife to get a boob job. The images on the left show how much SZA’s chest has changed over the past few years, even though she denies having any work done.

SZA Denies Getting Surgery

Despite the speculation that surrounds her, SZA has made it very clear on numerous occasions that she has not had any plastic surgery and that her curvy body is the result of genetics and good health. In an interview with Billboard, SZA said “It’s funny because I never got anything done. I just like take care of myself instead and it’s working.”

SZA’s Health and Fitness Regime

So what’s the secret behind SZA’s newfound curves and good health? Well, according to SZA, it’s all about exercise and good nutrition. She follows a healthy lifestyle that includes regular cardio and strength training.

Her daily dietary routine includes:

  • Lots of fruits and vegetables
  • High-fiber foods
  • Lean proteins like fish and chicken
  • Whole-grain carbohydrates

It’s no surprise that SZA is looking so good, as her consistent efforts to take care of her body and mind have really paid off. SZA is living proof that good health and exercise can take anybody to a higher level.


So, to answer the question – no, SZA has not had any plastic surgery and her curvy figure is all natural. Instead of relying on surgery or other quick-fix solutions, SZA puts her faith in a healthy diet and exercise regimen, proving that real beauty comes from health and hard work.


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